Room escape game for kids

While most of the room escape games originally were designed for adult players, we thought about the kids. So we decided to create a game for children based on our "Memory Thief" escape room. As a result, a game was born that is a perfect experience for kids from the age of 9. Gather your team of 3-7 and come and experience this kind of adventure!

Photo: Judit Ádám

Downloadable invitation card (click to download):

Birthday parties

Having a family, kids play an important part of our lives, so we decided to start organizing birthday parties for them. We were one of the many rooms in Hungary that first opened their rooms for children. We held so many successful birthday parties in the last couple of years that we usually are full on the weekends. The parties held at MindCrime are always full of laughter, and they become an unforgettable memory.

Of course, the main part of the event is the escape room game itself, but besides that:

  • we welcome our guests with a pre-decorated room
  • we give you invitation cards so it's easier to inform your team
  • during the party, enthusiastic and experienced animators entertain the kids
  • you are welcome to bring any kind of biscuits, snacks, drinks (if you need, we can buy them for you for some extra charge), we provide all the cutlery for them
  • we set up a unique challenge in the room by using some of the celebrated person's photos
  • if you have any unique ideas for the game (e.g. hiding a present in the room), feel free to give us a call so we can discuss it
  • the parents are also welcome to stay; we have delicious coffee

The price is fixed and does not contain any hidden costs: 34,990 HUF which includes two exciting hours spent in the escape room plus 30 minutes of celebrating.

Frequently asked questions

Will you decorate the room for the birthday party?

We have a separate decorated room with flags and other ornaments, but you can bring your own decoration as well.

Can I bring a cake or other snacks with me?

You can bring a cake, or snacks, or even soft drinks with you. But if you'd like to, we can help with the purchase of these items for an extra charge.

How long does it take?

The party is two and a half hours long. We divide the children into two teams, and the two teams play the same game after each other. While one of the teams is playing in the escape room, we offer other entertainment options for the other team.

What does this birthday party contain?

It contains the price of the room escape game (or games) and the rental of the lobby. Furthermore:

  • We give pre-made invitation cards
  • We decorate the lobby
  • We allow you to enjoy the snacks you bring with you
  • We customize one of the puzzles using pictures of the celebrated
  • We give small presents for the children.

How much does it cost?

The birthday party costs 34,990 HUF which includes two exciting hours spent in the escape room plus 30 minutes of celebrating.

Please keep in mind that there's no discount on birthday parties and we don't accept vouchers.

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Photo: Judit Ádám

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