MindCrime escape game

We were elected by the visitors to be the second best exit game in Hungary! We think it is a great achievement, come and join the group of satisfied thieves! Moreover we've assembled a special edition for our child visitors, we can host birthday parties and other events for 9-14 year olds...

Our game is designed for 60 minutes, for teams of 2-5. The challenge is high, the average length of the game is 59:40.

We are a great alternative to movies, when you want to go on a date. BTW we recently had the first proposal @ MC - congratulations again!

If you don't know other words in Hungarian than Egészségedre and Köszönöm, don't worry our game masters do speak English and you don't need language skills for the game.

So. When do we meet?

MINDCRIME real life room escape game
21 Katona József street, Budapest
(Entrance right next to 12 Hegedus Gyula street)
+36 70 420 3279