The Escape Room

We call our room “second generation” escape game: it means that you will not only find everyday locks to open, but also custom, software controlled tricks developed with only one purpose in mind: to increase the fun that you will experience during the roughly one hour that you spend in the room.

We also raised the appearance of the room: you will enter a new world, not the “typical dusty cellar”.

So what is this?

MindCrime is a live room escape game. Great fun for grown ups and for the ones, who never wants to grow up. Gather your team of 2-5 and visit us to enjoy a memorable one hour. Currently we operate one room, the so called “Mind Thief” room. The second game is already under construction…

While giving birth to our first room, we managed to create not only a unique world and atmosphere, but also a new generation escape game. Our veteran live-room-escape-game-player guests give us the same feedback: if you step in our world, you will run into challenges you have not seen before.

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Your team becomes a part of our special group of thieves, who intrude into the minds of wealthy people to get access to their passwords and their fat bank accounts. You’ll step into the mind of a person to search among their memories to find the secret code that makes you rich.

A few more things

  • When putting together the game, our goal was to make sure you’ll have an awesome time solving the challenges, not to create unsolvable mystery
  • We had a great time developing some special devices that you will have to use during the game. It is much more fun than just opening locks
  • Special devices shout for a special game controlling system, that assures you will not be distracted during the game
  • Don’t worry, our rooms are clean, dry, tempered...
  • You can have a nice cup of coffee after the game to discuss your impressions
  • we have wifi - so we have everything
  • we also have a nice bathroom - I told you we have everything
  • you can park your bike in our facility
  • we are downtown...

You have to see it yourself!!

MINDCRIME real life room escape game
21 Katona József street, Budapest
(Entrance right next to 12 Hegedus Gyula street)
+36 70 420 3279